10 Creative Uses for Old Lamps

Create Lightly Loaded Planters

Many old vintage lamps have a beautiful glass or ceramic shade, but the wiring is worn out, components are broken, or perhaps the style just isn't up-to-date. This quick project allows you to recycle the pretty shade for a good cause. Just hang it upside down, suspended by a chain to make a lovely planter, bird feeder or even candleholder. This works with bases that are relatively sturdy or particularly decorative, like glass.

If the glass shade comes from a ceiling fixture, there may already be holes in the glass that you can use. If not, you can drill your own, but be careful. Make three holes equidistant from each other. The holes should be just large enough to fit your bolts through. Once you've finished making your holes, lay the glass shade face up on a semisoft surface, like a sheet, so you won't inadvertently damage the material.

  1. Insert the three bolts into the respective holes, so the points are facing inward, inside the bowl.
  2. Place a washer on each bolt inside the bowl, then loop the chain link around each bolt.
  3. Place caps onto bolt points and tighten with pliers.
  4. At the other end of the chains, connect with the key ring.
  5. Fill with a lovely potted plant, some candles or floral arrangement and hang where desired.

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