10 Creative Uses for Old Lamps

Smash Them!
It's not a broken lamp, it's a mosaic.
It's not a broken lamp, it's a mosaic.

Hate that old lamp? Just smash the thing already. If you have a lamp that would look better in pieces, break it carefully and reuse the pieces to form a garden border or use in a mosaic. Here's how.

  1. Find a good space outdoors for smashing your lamp. You don't want to find tiny shards of glass in the toes of family members or pets later on.
  2. Cover your smash area with newspaper. Wear safety glasses.
  3. Place lamp on smash area and cover with an old towel -- one you won't mind throwing away. Make sure the lamp base is completely covered.
  4. Fold up longer ends of newspaper, effectively sealing the lamp between newspaper and towel.
  5. Smash methodically, moving from one end to the other. Hit lightly for larger pieces, and smash areas again for smaller pieces.
  6. Carefully shake towel above newspapers. Discard (since you don't want to take the chance of small, embedded shards in the cloth).
  7. Pick up the newspaper carefully by the edges, move your glass shards into a container until you're ready to make them into something [source: Mosaic Safety].