How to Build a Platform Bed

A platform bed is a bed whose base consists of a raised flat surface that supports the mattress. Extra slats across the frame make a box spring unnecessary. Platform beds have always been popular in Europe and parts of Asia, and are quickly gaining popularity in the United States. Since platform beds are closer to the ground, they stay cooler at night, which has a lot of appeal in the summer. We will build a bed to accommodate a standard 54-by-75-inch-double mattress.

  1. Place a large piece of particle board on a flat surface. Mark off a 56-by-77-inch area with a pencil. You'll probably need two sheets of particleboard to get the proper dimensions.
  2. Cut the boards to size with an electric saw. Make sure the joint will be in the center of the frame.
  3. Cut four pieces of 2-by-6-inch lumber to fit the perimeter of the particleboard.
  4. Build a rectangular frame. Drill holes at the ends of the lumber and screw the wood together.
  5. Measure the inside of the frame. Cut at least four 2-by-4-inch boards to use as supports for the mattress.
  6. Place the supports across the width of the inside of the frame at equal intervals. Attach the supports approximately in the middle of the frame. This will allow the mattress to drop into the frame, making an inner frame. Pre-drill holes through the frame into the supports, and screw the supports to the frame.
  7. Attach the particleboards to the inner frame with wood screws.
  8. Varnish or paint the bed.
  9. Place the mattress on top of the boards.

Adding casters will make the bed easier to move. Simply drill a hole in each bottom corner of the frame and attach the casters. [sources: Helium HGTV]