How to Build a Tile Shower

Building or tiling a shower requires patience and a bit of skill. If you're not experienced at working with concrete, have a professional pour the concrete floor of the shower. The most difficult part of this project is laying the floor with the right pitch toward the drain. The shower we are building is made with a pre-fabricated pan. All that's left is to tile.

  1. Remove the old tiles, as well as the existing plasterboard, from the existing shower. Pull up the pan until the floor is exposed.
  2. Nail waterproof drywall to the studs, covering the entire area. The bathroom's high humidity makes this step necessary.
  3. Put your pan in place, aligning the drain with the drain pipe.
  4. If you're using a "tile ready" pan, glue the tiles onto the pan. If you're using a fiberglass pan, move on to the next step.
  5. Draw a plumb line in the center of each wall.
  6. Spread tile adhesive on the wall with a trowel. Start at the plumb line and work out.
  7. Press the tiles in place. Place the tiles very close to each other, but leave room for the grout.
  8. Cut the last row of tiles with a tile cutter to get them to fit. When tiling the wall with the faucet handles, cut and glue the tiles around the faucet handles first.
  9. Let the tiles dry over night.
  10. Fill the spaces between the tiles with grout, using a putty knife. Make sure there are no exposed areas. If the grouting isn't done well, water will seep behind the tiles and they'll begin falling off. [sources: Life123, Plumbing Help]