How to Build a Breakfast Nook

Building a breakfast nook entails building a bench and a table. For someone with at least mid-level carpentry skills and a small budget, building a breakfast nook shouldn't be too hard. Here's an overview of how to build a breakfast nook. You'll need to determine exactly what materials you'll need based on your project idea.

  1. Plan your breakfast nook Decide how big your breakfast nook will be, what shape it will have and what colors will fit with the decor of the rest of the room [source: Hazelton].
  2. Take precise measurements Record the length, height and depth for each bench and backing, as well as of the table. Base your measurements on a comfortable chair and table [source: Hazelton].
  3. Determine the materials Decide what kind of wood you'd like to use and pick up some medium-density fiberboard (MDF) for the surfaces. Bring your measurements along when you shop for supplies, so a sales consultant can help you decide how much wood, etc. to buy.
  4. Build the frames for your benches The frames are like legs for the bench. Cut enough identical frames so every few feet (meters) of bench have support [source: Woodshopdemos].
  5. Cover and connect your frames Cut the MDF to cover the front, back and sides of your bench frames. If you're making a corner nook, attach the benches to each other with MDF [source: Hazelton].
  6. Attach the bench backs Build the bench backs with supports and MDF backing [source: Hazelton].
  7. Make a base for the table A good breakfast nook table has a pedestal support in the center. The width of the pedestal should be roughly 30 percent of the width of the tabletop. Make sure the pedestal is thick and strong, as well [source: Woodshopdemos].
  8. Cut and polish the tabletop Make the tabletop from a double or triple layer of MDF. You can also use a fancier wood for the tabletop. Sand and lacquer or paint the top to match your room [source: Woodshopdemos].
  9. Add cushions and accessories Find some nice cushions for your benches and lighting for the area. Dress it up, make it look nice, this is your new breakfast nook [source: Lowes].