How to Build a Child's Cubby

A child's cubby helps organize the space, makes the clothes or toys accessible and teaches your child to put things away. It also looks great in a room and keeps things off the floor and surfaces. This is what you'll need to build a child's cubby.

  • Birch veneer plywood for the tops, bottoms and sides
  • ¼-inch plywood for the back
  • Jig saw, safety glasses, gloves
  • Carpentry ruler, measuring tape, pencil, scissors
  • Random-orbit sander or sandpaper
  • Hammer, clamps, finishing nails, wall anchors
  • Paint, polyurethane, paintbrush, rag

Here's how to make a cubby:

  1. Cut two 12-by-12-inch (30.5-by-30.5 centimeter) squares and two 11-by-12-inch (28-by-30.5 centimeter) rectangles out of the birch veneer plywood.
  2. Cut a 12-by-12-inch (30.5-by-30.5 centimeter) square out of the ¼-inch plywood for the back [source: doityourself]. Glue the 11-inch (28 centimeter) sides from step 1 to the 12-inch (30.5 centimeter) squares, forming a box. Clamp the box together. Let the glue dry. Nail the box together with finishing nails.
  3. Glue the 12-by-12-inch (30.5-by-30.5 centimeter) plywood square onto the back. Nail it on with finishing nails.
  4. Sand the surface using the random-orbit sander or sandpaper. Brush off the dust with the rag [source: doityourself].
  5. Paint your cubby or coat it with polyurethane.
  6. Attach the cubby to the wall with screws and wall anchors [source: thisoldhouse].

Remember to always wear your safety equipment when operating the jig saw.