How to Build an Entertainment Wall Unit

The stereo is on the bookcase, the television is on the floor. There's plenty of space along the walls, so putting an entertainment unit against a wall would be a good idea. It's not difficult to build an entertainment unit. Learn here how to build your own entertainment wall unit. You can, of course, vary the measurements to suit your own design.

Materials needed:


  • Two 2-foot-by-6-foot wood pieces
  • Two 2-foot-by-5-foot wood pieces
  • Plywood
  • Screws

Here's what to do:

  1. Cut the plywood to the above sizes.
  2. Sand and varnish, or paint all the wood pieces.
  3. Lay the two 6-foot (1.83-meter) pieces 5 feet (1.5 meters) apart.
  4. Screw the 5-foot (1.5-meter) piece to the top of both 6-foot (1.83-meter) pieces of wood. Attach another 5-foot (1.5-meter) piece of wood to the bottom of each 6-foot (1.83-meter) piece. This is the frame of your entertainment unit.
  5. Stand the frame up so that it's 5 feet (1.5 meters) tall.
  6. Make a shelf. Mark 20 inches (50.8 centimeters) up each side panel. Attach a 5-foot (1.5-meter) long piece of wood between the marks.
  7. Attach another 5-foot (1.5-meter) shelf, to accommodate your other equipment.
  8. Cut plywood pieces 2-feet (61 centimeters) wide and 6-feet (183 centimeters) high.
  9. Screw the plywood to the back of the frame, leaving a space between them in the center. This space is for the electrical wires. You now have a back for the frame [sources: Bright Hub, DIY Network].
  10. Position the unit against the wall in your living room, near the electrical outlets.
  11. Your entertainment unit is ready to receive your stereo and television set.