How to Build Kitchen Cabinets from Scratch

Building your own kitchen cabinets is not difficult, but it takes patience and precision. Read the steps listed below and learn about how you can build kitchen cabinets from scratch.

  1. Measure the space your current cabinets occupy with a measuring tape. If you want to change the dimensions of the cabinets, make sure to leave yourself enough room to move freely through the kitchen. This is one of the most crucial steps in the project. Taking the time to measure accurately will save time later on.
  2. Discuss what you're looking for with a sales representative at the lumber store. You'll have to consider types of wood and handles, as well as shelving within the cabinets. Purchase your materials according to the measurements you took. You may want to purchase readymade cabinet doors, which you can order to your specifications, according to your measurements and with the detailing of your choice.
  3. Lay all your supplies out at home, to ensure you have all the necessary parts. Label all of the parts to avoid confusion.
  4. Assemble the cabinet base (i.e. all sides except the front) with heavy duty glue. If the glue isn't strong enough, use screws. Only screw parts together on the sides or inside, so the screws won't be visible once the cabinets are installed.
  5. Lay the base on its back. Place the cabinet door on top and mark where the hinges will be installed. Check that the hinges will be even and level.
  6. Screw the hinges into place using screws and a screwdriver [source: Baird]. The cabinet door should now open and close effortlessly and rest evenly on the base.
  7. Install the door's decorative touches, including handles and knobs. Depending on the style, they can be installed using glue or a drill and nails [source: Rockler].
  8. Place the cabinet upright. Install the cabinet using a drill and screws. Have someone help you with this to ensure that all the cabinets are installed evenly.