How to Build a Table

Even the most inexperienced of woodworkers can build a simple, functional table. If you have the patience to measure your pieces accurately, you have the skills needed to build a table [source: Wood Gears]. Read the steps below and learn about how to build your own table.


  • One 2-by-4 foot plank (for the table top)
  • Four 16-inch posts (for the table legs)
  • Two 2-by-4-inch posts, 37-inches (94-centimeters) long (for the long top rails)
  • Two 2-by-4 inch posts, 16-inches (40.6-centimeters) long (for the short top rails)
  • Two 1-by-1 inch posts, 28-inches (71-centimeters) long (for the long fillets)
  • Two 1-by-1 inch posts, 6-inches (15-centimeters) long (for the short fillets)
  • Four 2-by-4 inch, 6-inch (15-centimeter) long blocks with ends angled at 45 degrees (for the corner supports)
  • Four ΒΌ inch bolts, 6-inches (15-centimeters) long (with matching washers and wing-nuts)
  • Thirty 1.5-inch long wooden screws
  • Circular saw
  • Hand drill
  • Measuring tape
  • Chisel

Here's what to do:

  1. Cut the pieces Measure all the pieces of wood to the measurements specified. Use a circular saw to cut all the pieces accurately.
  2. Attach the rails and the fillets to the table top Place the tabletop upside down on your work bench. Place the long and short top rails in the center of the tabletop, with inner corners touching. Lay the long and short fillets against the inner edge of the corresponding top rails. Screw the fillets to the table top and then screw the fillets to the top rails.
  3. Attach the corner supports to the top rails Lay the corner supports in each of the four corners created by the top rails. Screw them to the top rails, using four screws per corner support.
  4. Chisel the four legs With the chisel, make a flat end approximately 3/8-inch (9.5-millimeter) deep on the top of each of the four legs. This will provide a flat surface for the bolt to rest upon.
  5. Attach the legs Place the legs into the space created by the top rails. Bolt the legs to the corner support. You may want to use a clamp to ensure that the pieces remain in place when you drill the holes for the bolts [source: Build Eazy].