How to Build a Utility Trailer

There are many trailers on the market, but utility trailers are still the most popular mode of transporting lightweight items. They're versatile because they're lightweight, easy to transport and simply constructed. A utility trailer consists of two wheels joined by an axle with a cargo bed on top and a tongue harness in the front that can be attached to any type of vehicle. The 5-by-8-foot utility trailer is a very popular size, and that's what we'll build. You will need a blow torch, which can be rented.



  • Blowtorch for welding
  • Axle with two wheels
  • Tongue harness
  • 2 five-foot iron angle stringers
  • 2 ten-foot iron angle stringers
  • Three flat iron stringers
  • Two sheets of plywood, 5-by-5 foot

Here's what to do:

  1. Lay out the iron angles to form a rectangular frame. Weld the corners together using the blowtorch.
  2. Place one flat stringer in the center of the frame, widthwise. This is where the two pieces of plywood (i.e., the bed of the trailer) will meet.
  3. Place one flat stringer on either side of the center stringer. Make sure the flat stringers are centered. These stringers add extra support to the trailer bed.
  4. Weld the ends of the stringers to the frame.
  5. Place the frame on the axle, making sure the axle is in the center of the frame. Weld the axel to the frame.
  6. Weld the tongue harness to the front of the trailer. Make sure the harness ring (the part that attaches to the vehicle) is not facing the center of the trailer.
  7. Place the sheets of plywood side-by-side on the frame. They should drop right in.

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You're ready to roll.