How To Fix a Shower Head

Fixing Leak at Swivel

Sometimes a leak occurs at the shower head's swivel. If this is the case for you, follow these helpful instructions:

Step 1: Unscrew shower head from swivel-ball ring.

Step 2: Find O-ring (a ring that prevents water from oozing out) or similar seal inside. Replace it, and screw shower head back into place.

Problems with a shower head can also be

caused by grit or sediment lodged in the shower head or by a buildup of scale or mineral deposits. The solution is to remove the shower head at the swivel ball and start cleaning.

It may be necessary to soak some parts in vinegar and scrape others, but be careful not to scratch or gouge anything. If the shower head is of the adjustable-spray type, examine all of the moving parts carefully for signs of excessive wear. If the adjustment handle binds or does not work smoothly, or if the internal cam is fouled up, usually the only solution is to replace the entire head.

Don't let a leaky shower head cause you to just run out and buy a new one. The helpful tips in this article will help you make the repair in no time.

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