Should you invest in a sump pump?

By: Contributors

The function of a sump pump is to prevent flooding and to keep the area beneath your home dry. In general, sump pumps are installed in either the crawlspace under your house or the basement.

Whether or not you need to buy a sump pump depends largely on where you live. If you live in a home that has never experienced standing water and is usually a warm and dry place, there may be no need to buy a sump pump. On the other hand, if the below-ground area beneath your house occasionally floods, you should consider purchasing a sump pump. Even if you haven’t yet experienced flooding, you’ll want to buy the pump if your basement tends to smell musty or feel damp. Before you invest in a sump pump, however, it’s recommended that you try using a dehumidifier in your basement. If running a dehumidifier doesn’t solve the moisture-entry problem, you should then go out and purchase a sump pump.


There are many different types of sump pumps on the market; for example, this product can either be manually or automatically operated. While manual sump pumps are less expensive, an automatic pump is more convenient. Other factors you’ll have to consider include the amount of power that your sump pump will require. The most powerful sump pumps on the market have a one-third horsepower. Another important consideration is the level to which a certain sump pump is able to lift water. This is known as the sump pump’s head pressure -- it must be able to transfer water from the sump pit to the outlet pipe. Other considerations to take into account include voltage, cord length and the type of alarm and backup systems that are best suited to your needs and lifestyle.