5 Projects that are Worth Paying For

Chimney repairs are just as dangerous as roof repairs. Leave them to the experts. See more home construction pictures.
Philip and Karen Smith/Iconica/Getty Images

Updating the old homestead by making a few important repairs now and then can keep you feeling at home. It's even better if you can do the labor yourself and save a little money. Before you grab your measuring tape and level, though, take a few minutes to determine the difference between the types of updates and overhauls you can perform yourself and those you should hand off to the professionals.

There are a couple of things to consider here. Some home repairs can be dangerous, as in nasty fall or life-threatening shock dangerous. Others could lead to gas leaks or water damage if they're not done properly. Even worse, you might not know there's something wrong until an expensive or unsafe condition exists.

There's even a chance you could perform a job perfectly -- better than perfectly -- but without the proper permits, you could end up running afoul of the powers that be when you try to resell your property. Beyond being really annoying, this could end up costing you a sale and a lot of money. The following five jobs may be worth paying for.