Dream Garage: 10 Cool Options

Dream Garage Option 10: Flooring

If you think your garage floor has to be concrete stained with motor oil and a kitty litter topper, then think again. Polymer flooring has come a long way and is the material of choice for the discriminating garage enthusiast. This synthetic topcoat is applied to the finished cement floor, bonding with it to create a shiny, ceramic-like finish.

The best thing? It's both an aesthetically pleasing and a practical solution. The end result is tougher, more resistant to wear and staining, and is actually stronger than the concrete it sits on. It's also easy to clean, hides dirt well, helps to keep dust at bay and definitely adds value when it comes time to sell. A professional installer can grind your floor with a diamond grinder, clean it, apply a base coat, color chips and a final clear coat in one day. Most of the time, you can even move back in the very next day.