Dream Garage: 10 Cool Options

Dream Garage Option 1: Kid's Playroom

The garage will give your kids lots of room to spread out.
The garage will give your kids lots of room to spread out.

Kids' toys seem to multiply by themselves, and of course, no child is happy unless they're all out on the floor in sight. How often have you dreamed of a scenario where you don't walk into a room and twist your ankle on the newest Lego creation or wished for more space for your 3-year-old twins to run around in circles without bumping into the corners of tables? Taking the action into the garage is a great way to give your kids room to roam while still being able to keep an ear on things.

Obviously, this scenario is most ideal if your garage is attached to your house or opens up into your backyard. Adding some gym flooring on top of the concrete floor will make it safe for rough housing and easy to clean. Bookshelves and a wall lined with buckets easy to fill with toys during clean up help to keep things organized. Plus, there's plenty of space to leave room for projects in progress or set up larger toys that are frequently used and difficult to quickly put away.

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