Dream Garage: 10 Cool Options

Dream Garage Option 7: Cabinets

Take your clutter and put them in cabinets.
Take your clutter and put them in cabinets.

Say goodbye to your father's old particleboard cabinets. You know the ones -- warped from humidity with drawers that won't slide quite right. Garage cabinet systems now are highly durable, attractive and can be configured in a virtually unlimited number of ways.

There are a lot of companies that manufacture the cabinets, so shop around for something that fits your storage needs and aesthetic tastes. Choose from birch-wood drawers and facing, brushed metal, or particleboard finished with durable melamine, a fire-resistant polymer. And that's only the beginning. European hinges add to the style, and they come in dozens of standard colors.

If those won't do, you can customize your own. When shopping around, check for drawer-load capacity -- something in the neighborhood of 125 pounds will serve you well. And if you're a stickler about showing off your flooring, mount your cabinets off the ground. It also makes it easier to clean underneath.