Dream Garage: 10 Cool Options

Dream Garage Option 6: Wall and Rack Storage

There's no better way to store things in a garage than to get it on a wall or over your head. Doing so frees up valuable floor space and helps keep things orderly -- the key to any dream garage.

If you want to keep it simple, head down to your local hardware shop or big-box hardware store and check out the grid walls. These are basically large metal grids with hooks like an old-school pegboard, but more durable. Your lawn tools can find a nice home on a grid wall. Or you can go with a slat wall system. These are heavy-duty thermoplastic walls that attach to your existing garage wall. They're made up of a series of horizontal slats and specially made accessories that fit into those slats. Hooks, baskets and shelving can all be attached to the slats for a custom storage solution.

And when you run out of wall space, just look up. Ceiling mounted storage racks are very popular and are a great way to store little-used items.