Smart Remodeling

Organization and Order


Before construction even begins, set up a system to keep organized. At the very least, have a box of files or a notebook with dividers labeled for each room, vendor and a special section for that ever-increasing budget. You should have a phone list of every sub and supplier that you have contacted or plan to do business with at your fingertips and keep adding to it along the way.


A clean and organized jobsite will help you stick to your timeline, as you will not waste precious minutes, hours or days trying to locate your tools or supplies. As materials start to get loaded in, a permanent marker can be your best friend. Label everything and put all the tile, fixtures and hardware for one room together so that there is not a mix-up, such as the oil-rubbed bronze sink getting installed in the chrome-finish bathroom.

Designate a secure area on site or rent a container to store all your supplies and materials in an organized fashion, to facilitate locating them and decrease the chance of damage to your imported Italian sink.