Smart Remodeling

Thinking Ahead


Where are all of your vendors, subcontractors and neighbors going to park when your house has more people in it than Home Depot on a Sunday morning? Designate an area, talk to your neighbors, borrow a driveway.

I once did a flip on a cul-de-sac that was a nightmare because I disrupted close quarters with cement mixers, slab deliveries and NOISE. My temporary neighbors were not happy with the uninvited chaos and did everything in their power to sabotage my remodel. Not nice.


Before you rough in your electrical and plumbing, have your lighting and plumbing fixtures on site. It's easy to put off ordering these items but you will save time, money and frustration by having them handy when you're laying out the space. Is the faucet going to be in the way of opening the medicine cabinet door? What height should the sconces be on either side of the window to avoid hitting the drapes?

Think Ahead

When you make big purchases such as tile, appliances, fabric and furniture, get samples of the materials whenever possible and mechanical cut sheets (for larger items) to help you install them. While you are waiting for these materials to arrive, the samples will allow you to color-match your paint selections, determine dimensions, allocate space, and give the visual incentive you need to complete the project.