Smart Remodeling

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Famous Last Words

How many times have I seen appliances that don't fit, doors that don't close, windows that can't be installed and drapes that are too short? Too many!

Be precise in all of your dimensions and double-check your work and then heed the carpenter's creed (Measure twice, cut once) and check it again!

I once wasted an 18-foot beam I needed in order to install a new slider because it was cut too short. So, $500 down the drain. I also witnessed a fantastic kitchen with proper dimensions within the cabinetry to accommodate the appliances, but the door widths into the kitchen were too narrow to bring the appliances into the room. Big bummer.


With organization and smart thinking, you will be successful with your remodel. Above all, enjoy the process and expect the unexpected. The better prepared you are for things to go wrong, cost more and be delayed, the less disappointed you will be when it happens -- and it will happen. It's just construction! Your perspective during a remodel can really help you maintain a healthy mind-set.

Build on!