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Tool Guide

Tool Box Guide: D-F


Drills - Power tools with rotating bits that screw and bore holes.

Digital Protractor - An electric device that gives a digital readout of wall angles for cutting and installing trim.


Double Square - A squaring tool with an adjustable bevel blade.

Dovetail Saw - A fine-toothed backsaw used for detailed woodwork.

Doweling Jig - A type of drill guide that moves at a 90-degree angle to the object being drilled. Handy for positioning dowels in wood projects.

Drywall Hammer - A specialized hammer with a rounded head for driving nails into drywall.

Duplex Nails - Double-headed nails that pull out easily. Useful for temporary fastening.


Electric Screwdriver - A power tool that drives and removes screws.

Electrical Contact Cleaner - A cleaning solution made of compressed air and a solvent that's used to dissolve food, grease or other debris on electric parts.

Electrical Tester Tools - Lights, probes and other test devices that determine whether a power source is working and locate circuit problems.

Electric Drill - An electrically powered rotor tool that can spin, drill, bore and sand.

Electrician's Tape Black - insulating tape used to block electrical currents during wiring projects.

Electronic Level - An electric device that detects the slope and angle of a surface.

Epoxy - A strong resin adhesive used to bond a variety of materials.

Extension Ruler - A sturdy folding ruler.


Fasteners - The family of glues, nails, bolts, screws and clamps that holds materials together.

Felt Paper - Paper treated with tar for roofing insulation. Also called tar paper.

Files - An abrasive slab of metal used to smooth down surfaces.

Fish Tape - Stiff, flat wiring used to run electrical cables through a wall or ceiling.

Flooring Chisel - A hand tool with a flattened, thin blade used to install and remove flooring.

Finishing Sander - Also known as a palm sander, this power tool comes in handy for final sanding work.

Fretsaw - A very fine-toothed backsaw with a 6-inch (15-centimeter) blade designed for cutting around curves.

Furring Nails - Nails that come with washers to create space between two surfaces.