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Tool Guide

Tool Box Guide: J-M


Jack Plane - A type of woodworking plane that smooths and squares off pieces of wood.

Jeweler's Screwdriver - A screwdriver with a fine head meant for screwing and extracting small screws.


Jigsaw - A power saw with a fine-toothed blade that works well on curves and is used for cutting a variety of shapes.

Joint Maker's Square - Also known as a miter square, this small tool marks out 45-degree angles.

Joint Compound - A chemical binding substance for filling joints and cracks between drywall and certain plumbing fixtures.


Keyhole Saw - A specialized saw with a pointed blade and handle that is useful for making small holes in wood or drywall.

Knife File - A knife-shaped file used for sharpening screw threads.


Level - A secondary household tool that indicates whether a plane is flat or horizontal.

Locking Pliers - Pliers that lock in place around an object being gripped.

Log Saw - A power saw specially designed for cutting logs and timber.

Lumber - Raw wood material used for building houses, fences and some furniture.


Magnetic-tip Screwdriver - A screwdriver with a magnetized tip that clings to the screw during installation.

Miter Saw - A circular saw that cuts well across the wood grain and at angles.

Multipurpose Glues - Chemical adhesives that can bind together a variety of materials.

Mill file - A sharpening and shaping tool ideal for saws, gardening tools and axes.

Measuring Tools - An arsenal of tools that quantify the length, width and breadth of objects and the distances between them.