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Tool Guide

Tool Box Guide: N-Q

Nest of Saws - A set of saw blades that can attach to the same handle.

Nail Guns - Handheld machines that launch nails at high speed, fully embedding them in a piece of wood in only a fraction of a second.


Nails - Fasteners manufactured in a variety of shapes, sizes and metals. 

Narrow-belt Sander - A power sander specialized for sanding narrow and tight surfaces.

Nail Puller - A clamping tool designed to grip nail heads and extract the fasteners from a material.


Organizing Your Tools - Store tools in an orderly way to maintain sharpness, prevent rust and keep them accessible.

Orbital Sander - Vibrating disk sanders that rotate in a circular direction for easier control and smoother sanding.


Power Drill - An electrical motor that rotates a replaceable drill bit to bore holes or turn screws.

Pliers - A handheld tool that grips objects firmly to be turned, bent or otherwise manipulated.

Plane - A woodworking tool for removing or shaping wood.

Power Saws - Electrically powered saws that benefit from enhanced speed and power.

Plumbing Tools - The set of tools useful for fixing toilet and plumbing problems.

Plum Line - A string or line with a weight attached to one end that serves as a vertical guide.

Plumb Bob - The weight at the end of a plumb line that keeps it straight.

Pry Bar - Also known as a crowbar, this curved piece of metal has a two-pronged claw at one end for jimmying free nails or other objects.


Quick Action Clamp - Highly useful clamps that have a fixed jaw on one side and adjust on the other side.

Quick-drying Glue - Chemical adhesives meant to dry and bind surfaces quickly.