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Tool Guide

Tool Box Guide: R-T


Ripsaw - A specialized handsaw for manually cutting wood in the direction of the grain.

Reciprocal Saw - A power saw that uses a reciprocating motor to move a blade back and forth. It's useful for larger jobs that involve cutting wood, metal, plastic and drywall. 


Router - A high-speed woodworking power tool that can cut and trim a multitude of shapes in wood.

Rip Hammer - A heavier-duty hammer that has a straighter claw for more efficient prying or ripping.

Right-angle Drill - A heavy-duty power drill designed to bore holes in the middle of stud spaces. It's used most commonly for plumbing and electrical work.

Rubber Mallet - A rubber-headed mallet meant for pounding more fragile materials that might be damaged with a steel hammer head.


Saber Saw - A power saw driven by a reciprocating motor that moves a small saw blade up and down the object to be cut. It works well for quickly cutting and shaping wood, plastic and even metal.

Square - Woodworking measuring rules that show whether components are perpendicular or at right angles to each other.

Stud Finder - A battery-operated electromagnet that identifies the location of studs.

Screwdriver - A handheld tool that fastens and removes screws.

Sander - Tools that use abrasives to remove surface material.

Screws - Threaded fasteners that provide more strength and holding power than nails.

Sandpaper - Coated abrasives used to smooth surfaces.

Staple Gun Power tools that automatically drive staples into various materials.

Steel Wool - A bundle of thin metal fibers spun into a pad for scouring, polishing and finishing.

Swiss Army Knife - A pocket-sized gadget with a variety of miniature attachments, such as scissors, screwdrivers and rulers.


Table Saw - A circular saw mounted on a table or workbench.

Tape Measure - A portable measuring device used to quantify the size of an object or the distance between objects.

Turning Tools - A class of handheld cutting tools that includes gouges, scrapers, chisels and parting tools. 

Torpedo Level - A small leveling tool that tests whether a plane is straight.

Tack Hammer - Lighter-weight hammers designed for small nail heads.