Tool Guide

Tool Box Guide: U-Z


Universal Clamp - Clamps designed to hold edges of materials together.

Utility Knives - Hand tools with retractable blades, also known as box cutters.

Upholsterer's Hammer - A lightweight tool designed for hammering tacks.


Voltage Tester - A tool consisting of a small neon bulb with two insulated wires that tests for electrical current in a circuit. 

Volt-Ohm-Milliammeter - A precise, battery-powered tool used to check the continuity and strength of an electrical current flowing through the wire or component. It's used while the power is turned off, so there's no danger of electric shock.

Vice Grip - Another name for locking pliers.

Violin Plane - More commonly known as a palm plane, this woodworking tool is specialized for carving hollow instruments.


Wrench - A hand tool that grips and turns a bolt head or nut.

Web Clamp - A clamp that tightens around large materials with a soft nylon webbing.

Wet Saw - A saw made for cutting ceramic tile.

Wood Mallet - A wide-faced wooden hammer that's safer to use on wood than a metal hammer.

Wire Cutters - Pliers specially designed to grip and cut through wire and metal.

Wiring - Insulated strands of conductors that carry electrical currents across circuits.

Weatherstripping - Materials used to weatherproof cracks, joints and openings in buildings.

Wire Nuts - Color-coded caps for wiring that denote wire size and capacity.

Wood Screw - A screw with a tapered shaft that penetrates wood more easily.



Yard Lumber - Home construction-grade lumber rated by size, length and use.


Zigzag Folding Rule - A wooden ruler with metal joints that allow it to fold and extend.