Toolbox Essentials

Essential Tool 4: Cordless Drill Driver

You can get away with saving some money by purchasing a corded model, but a cordless drill is every homeowner's best friend. They range in power from 10.8 volts all the way up to a whopping 28 volts. If you're just going to be using it around the house for light projects, a 12-volt model is a good buy. It's light enough so your arm won't get too tired and will do any screwing and light drilling.

Keep in mind that that the more power a drill driver has, the heavier it is. And when you're working on something above your head, you're likely to get tired fast.

Most models come with a modest set of screw bits, but you should probably invest in a variety pack. Pick one with a mix of screw heads, drill bits and hexagonal heads. These come in handy when putting together wooden items that use bolts, like self-assembled furniture. You can always buy individual drill bits later specific to the job you're doing.