Toolbox Essentials

Essential Tool 3: Screwdriver Set

If you think you have your bases covered with the cordless drill, then think again. Many times there will be a screw that needs some attention, and you won't be able to reach with your drill. That's when it's best to do it the old-fashioned way. You can go anywhere from a two-piece to a 20-piece screwdriver set.

Not sure which set to go with? Think middle-of-the-road. A six- or eight-piece set will probably satisfy most of your screwing needs. Just like with drill bits, if you need a specific driver later on, you can purchase it individually. Any set will cover your basics -- flat heads are for single-slotted screws. Phillips head, named for businessman Henry Phillips who popularized it, has a crosshead to match the screw. You'll likely have a few versions of both of these in an eight-kit. Some are longer and lighter, while some are shorter and stubbier. Which driver fits which job is pretty self-explanatory, as some heads won't even fit into some screws.