5 Things You Should Know: What to Expect from a Contractor

Tip 4: Contractors Are Only As Good As Their Subcontractors

Depending on the size of the project, contractors will hire out various subcontractors to complete the work. For example, if a client is remodeling a bathroom, a contractor may find a subcontractor to handle the plumbing, another to install wiring and a third for laying the countertops. And with so many cooks in the kitchen, the final dish will only be as good as the individual contributions.

Bearing that in mind, clients should talk with their contractors and review what aspects of the project will be tackled by subcontractors. From there, clients should check up on the subcontractors slated for the work and verify their certification, expertise and quality of service. If red flags go up during the process, they can discuss it with their contractors.