How to Frame a Mirror

Mirrors come in different shapes and sizes. Some mirrors hang without any frame, while others have elaborate frames. Mirror frames add character to the mirror and the room. Whether you have a large mirror or small one, the procedure for framing is the same. In this article you will learn the basic skills of framing a mirror. So let's see what you need and how to frame that mirror.

Materials needed

Here's what to do:

  1. Hang the mirror on the wall with mirror clips that stay behind the mirror.
  2. Measure all four sides of the mirror. Add ⅛ inch (.32 centimeters) to each side, to allow for movement of the mirror while hanging.
  3. Purchase your molding. If your mirror is a standard size, you can purchase ready-made molding as your frame. If you can't find ready made molding or you want a different design, you can have molding cut to size. Make sure to give the sales representative the exact measurements, so he can miter the molding accordingly.
  4. Paint and varnish your molding. If you bought ready-made molding, you can skip this step.
  5. Let the paint and varnish dry completely.
  6. Place the bottom piece of molding against the bottom of the mirror. Attach it to the mirror with wood glue. Don't let the molding overlap the mirror.
  7. Nail one finishing nail into the wall at each end of the molding.
  8. Place the side moldings against the sides of the mirror, without overlapping. Make sure the corners are flush with each other. Attach the molding to the mirror with wood glue and put finishing nails in the corners.
  9. Repeat the process with the top and final molding [sources:Martha Stewart, Interior Design].

You mirror is now framed.

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