How to Install a Wall Mount Tilt for a Flat-Screen TV

You can't mount this clunker to the wall!
You can't mount this clunker to the wall!

You just got a brand new flat-panel TV. Why not save space and give your room a classy look by mounting it to the wall with a tilting bracket? Before installing your wall mount, you'll have to choose between a standard wall mount tilt or something a bit fancier [source: Kindig]. The installation process is essentially the same for all tilting wall mounts. When purchasing the wall mount of your choice, be sure it's compatible with your TV. You can use online shopping sites like, or to search by your TV for compatible wall mounts [source: Kindig]. Once you've purchased your tilting wall mount you'll be ready to install it. Here's how to install a wall mount tilt for a flat-screen TV:

  1. Decide where you want to hang your TV, and where your cable box and the rest of your home-theater system will go. Consider that the middle of the screen should be at eye-level from your seated position while watching TV. With a tilting mount, you can hang the TV a little higher and tilt it down a little so you look at the screen straight on [source: Pollard].
  2. Attach the TV piece to the back of your TV [source: Pollard]. Make sure the bracket is level and secure.
  3. Figure out where the wooden studs are located in your wall. Line up the wall bracket of your TV mount with the wall studs. Bolt the bracket to the studs, making sure it's level and secure [source: Pollard].
  4. Hang the TV piece of your bracket onto the wall bracket. Most wall mounts have screws or some other way to secure the two pieces together [source: Pollard].
  5. Tilt your TV to optimize viewing pleasure.