How to Put Up a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans help keep you cool in summer, add some decorative flair, and save bundles in energy costs. If you have a basic understanding of wiring, you can put up a ceiling fan with relative ease.

  1. Sort and lay out your parts Make sure you have a clear area to work in. Match up the pieces included in the box with the list in the instructions [source: Peterman].
  2. Turn off the power Go to the fuse box and turn off the power for the room you're working in [source: Lowes].
  3. Remove the old light fixture and electrical box Remove the old light fixture from the ceiling. Disconnect the wires and leave them hanging so you can easily access them. Then remove the existing electrical box [source: This Old House].
  4. Attach the new electrical box and base plate You probably need to cut a larger hole in the ceiling to fit the box for the ceiling fan. Secure the electrical box to the underside of the joist in the ceiling. The base plate will hold your fan to the ceiling, so make sure it's in securely [source: This Old House].
  5. Assemble the ceiling fan. This will entail connecting a few things to the motor assembly and setting the wiring for the light. Follow your fan's instructions for specific details [source: Peterman].
  6. Mount the motor assembly and connect the wiring Connect the wires according to the instructions included with your ceiling fan. Mount the fan's motor assembly to the mounting plate [source: Peterman].
  7. Attach the fan blades and light bulb Now that your motor assembly is secured to the ceiling, attach the fan blades. Screw in a light bulb. You just put your first ceiling fan [source: Peterman].
  8. Turn on the power Restore electricity to the room you were working in and test your new fan and light. Enjoy!