Home Repair

Any household requires general home repair. Learn how to fix leaky roofs and sticky doors and use general home repair tips to knock items off your to-do list.


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How to Repair a Deck

A deck can be a great spot for peace and tranquility. Caring for a deck, though, can be a nightmare because they constantly exposed to the elements. Learn how to repair a deck.

Home-Repair Materials Basics

To do basic home-repair jobs, you need to know how to select building materials and how to use them. Any home-repair job should start with the right tools. Learn more about basic home-repair materials.

How to Install Weather Stripping

Rising energy costs make a cold, drafty house a misery that grows increasingly expensive. Sealing your home with weather stripping can keep you warm all winter long. Learn how to install weather stripping.

How To Repair a Leaky Roof

From blocked gutters to loose shingles, the types of problems that can cause a leak in a roof are numerous. Use the tools in this article to help you make these kinds of home repairs.

How to Repair Windows

Windows are a major source of heat-loss in most homes. They also may stick shut when they're painted or swell shut from humidity. Learn tips on how to keep your windows working properly.

How to Repair Small Engines

Small engines serve as useful home tools and power our toys. To keep them operating efficiently, an owner should know how these engines work and what to do when they don't. Learn more.

How Do You Replace Damaged Siding?

When clapboards or shakes are rotten or broken, your home's siding can no longer do its job. Damaged siding lets air, water, dirt, and insects through to the inside. Learn how to replace damaged siding.

How to Do Home Electrical Repairs

There are many electrical repairs you can make without the help of a professional electrician, including replacing wall receptacles and rewiring lamps. Read this article to learn how to do basic home electricity repairs yourself.

How to Repair Toilet Tank Problems

Compared with a clogged toilet, tank troubles can seem relatively insignificant. Yet strange noises or continuous water running can be more than annoying; it can cost money. Learn to repair toilet tank problems.

How to Unstick a Door

Usually it's easy to unstick a stubborn door. To diagnose the problem, close the door, watching it carefully to locate the binding point. From here, there are several potential strategies. Learn to unstick a door.

How to Hang an Interior Door in 4 Steps

Hanging or installing an interior door isn't terribly difficult. You probably can tackle this home improvement project in an hour or two with the necessary materials and tools. Learn more.

How to Install a Fluorescent Light

Consider replacing some of your old incandescent fixtures with fluorescent lamps. Fluorescent light provides shadow-free illumination, but, best of all, fluorescent bulbs are more efficient than incandescent bulbs. Learn how to install a fluorescent fixture.

Door-Fixing Tips

If fences make for better neighbors, then doors make for happier families. But not if a door is squeaking or sticking. Learn tips on how to keep doors in your home working properly.

How to Tile a Ceiling

The fastest way to get a new ceiling is to install ceiling tiles directly to an existing drywall ceiling. If the ceiling surface isn't sound or has open joists, staple the tiles to furring strips. Here are extensive installation instructions.

How to Install a Suspended Ceiling

A suspended ceiling can cover a lot of flaws and obstructions, including pipes, wiring, and ductwork. It works, however, only where you can afford to lose some ceiling height. Here are extensive installation instructions.

How to Install Ceramic Tile

Installing ceramic tile is easy with modern fast-setting mastics, sealants, and grout. Whatever style or size you choose to install, the principles are the same. Learn how to install ceramic tile.

Pest-Control Tips

Every home-dweller eventually has to contend with pests like insects, rodents, and raccoons. But don't fret: There are time-proven ways to deter and eradicate these little beasts. We've collected some in this article.

How Doorbells Work

You probably don't spend too much time pondering the inner workings of a doorbell, but it's actually a pretty cool device once you get inside. Find out exactly what happens when someone rings your bell.

How House Construction Works

Have you ever wondered how a house is built? Or what holds up the ceiling and walls? And how do you keep the rain out? It's a complex process that involves quite a bit more than you may think.