Home Office Decorating Ideas

Traditional Home Office

©Ruder Finn, Inc., Thomasville Furniture Clean lines and rich oak lend a businesslike quality to this traditional office.

Mission-style furniture implies a straightforward, businesslike approach in this home office. The furniture's clean lines, lack of ornamentation, and ample storage options further a sense of orderliness. With everything in its place as it should be, the owner can get down to work without rummaging through papers and clutter.

Visually, the rich warm color of the oak and the rough, ruddy tones of the bricks are also pleasing. A large expanse of white wall balances the darker shades and keeps the room's overall tone welcoming and friendly.

A carpet in a soft William Morris-type design interjects warmth and interest underfoot.

So as not to detract from the vintage look, the owner has also opted for a complementary wood office chair rather than a sleek 21st-century design.

The large window would be a gift to any setting. Plenty of natural light makes for a happier, healthier work environment.

For more on incorporating natural light into your home office setting, read the tips in the next section of this article.

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