Home Office Decorating Ideas

Using Natural Light in Home Office

©Ruder Finn, Inc., Thomasville Furniture Plenty of windows and walls painted in a light hue create a bright workspace.

Work habits vary widely. Where some prefer a cozy library-like atmo­sphere, others require plentiful light and views to feel energized and creative.

This office/study falls into the latter category. Lined with windows and painted in seashore-like hues, it's a space designed to allow the imagination plenty of leeway. Beadboard paneling comes across as blue as the ocean when it's teamed with snowy white woodwork. A painted floor such as this is soft in tone.

Modern furnishings would work in such a sunny, open space. But to maintain the vintage tone the architecture provokes, the owners wisely opted for furnishings that speak to the past.

The high-legged desk with its drop-down front also delivers options. When the owner is sketching, the slanted top can act as a work surface; letter-writing and reading are more comfortable using the flat interior area. A stool -- at just the right height -- accommodates both activities.

Creating an office that suits your own personal needs is a key to success. For more on building and using a custom home office, see the next section.

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