Home Office Decorating Ideas

Building and Using Custom Home Office

This home office is unified with a calming color scheme and repeated patterns.

Custom cabinetry has transformed this home office into a slick and functional work space. The owner can schedule a meeting with clients here and be assured they'll feel like they're in good hands.

A simple palette and modern furnishings supply a look that is very much in tune with the times. Electronics, papers, and reference books disappear behind doors or in drawers leaving the scene well organized.

In addition to the computer table, there's a large desk -- with a pleasing organic form -- for spreading out plans or briefs. The curved arms on the chairs mimic the curve of the cabinets and the desk, and this translates to greater harmony in a small space.

A comfortable leather chair welcomes visitors and affords a place for reading.

The rug echoes the room's colors. The smart layout allows the person working to shift from one work area to the next by simply moving his or her chair.

Light fixtures have been carefully selected for their tone as well as their function. And a few pieces of art lend a personal note without clutter.

The interesting artwork and sculptures are personal additions. Out of the way, these decorative objects contribute a stylish note without interfering with daily transactions. The woven boxes contain extras like string and tape for mailing packages.

Built-in drawers are stocked with office supplies. The screen -- which disguises an unused door -- helps balance the setting and provides another focal point.

But since every successful room should also contain a surprise, there's a decorative folding screen and a reproduction antique fan. Both these choices are in step with the decor, and they're upbeat, which keeps the work humming along.

A custom home office, like any functional space, should be tailored to its user's particular needs. See the next section for tips on finding your own home office style.

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