Home Offices

A home office should suit your needs, be based on plans and include workspaces that make sense. Learn how to plan, outfit and maintain a home office.


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How FoIP Works

FoIP faxing is a method of sending faxes over the Internet. Learn about FoIP protocols and how FoIP allows older 3G fax machines to transfer over the Internet.

How Mobile Printing Works

Mobile printing allows people on the go to print documents wherever they choose. Learn about mobile printing and find out how a mobile printer works.

How to Create a Home Office

A home office can be as small as a folding file or as large as a room. Learn how to create a home office, from mapping out your space to filling it with equipment.

How Photocopiers Work

Most of us don't think about what's going on inside a copier while we wait for it to shoot out the copies. Find out how, in mere seconds, you can produce an exact replica of what's on a sheet of paper!

How much does 20-pound bond paper weigh?

Have you ever noticed that paper is listed in weights? What does this mean and how can a piece of paper weigh twenty pounds? Find out the answers in this article.

How Ballpoint Pens Work

Before the handy ballpoint, getting a few sentences onto paper was a pretty involved task. Find out how the ballpoint pen stores and manages its own ink supply to make writing a snap.