Hosta Sieboldii

Hosta sieboldii makes a great ground cover plant, as it thrives in shade.

Hosta sieboldii is a perennial plant that prefers shade over sun. This makes it well-suited as ground cover. Like other hostas, it is also highly frost tolerant.

Also known as H. albomarginata, this hosta has narrow, lance-shaped leaves with handsome, irregular edges.


Violet flowers are followed by green seed pods that turn brown and can be used effectively in floral arrangements.

Hosta Sieboldii Quick Facts:

Scientific Name: Hosta sieboldii

Common Name: Hosta


Type of Plant: Perennial

Growing Zones for Hosta Sieboldii: Hardy to zone 3

Growing Conditions for Hosta Sieboldii: Shade


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