Hosta Ventricosa

By: the Editors of Publications International, Ltd.

Hosta ventricosa's big, beautiful leaves have wavy margins.
Hosta ventricosa's big,beautiful leaves havewavy margins.

Hosta ventricosa is a perennial of the shade-loving hosta species. Like most hostas it grows relatively quickly and is easy to care for.

This species, unlike some others, usually comes true from seed. The glossy, heart-shaped leaves have attractive wavy margins.

Like other hostas, it is excellent for landscaping by a pool. Variegated forms exist.


Hosta Ventricosa Quick Facts:

Scientific Name:Hosta ventricosa

Common Name: Hosta

Type of Plant: Perennial

Growing Zones for Hosta Ventricosa: Hardy to zone 3

Growing Conditions for Hosta Ventricosa: Shade


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