House Plants

House plants bring the fresh beauty of the outdoors inside your home. Learn about different kinds of house plants and how to care for them.


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Old Man Cactus

Old man cactus probably got its name from being covered in downy, white hairs. Read more to learn why this easy-to-care-for house plant is not as gentle as it seems.

Peruvian Apple Cactus

Peruvian apple cactus is a tall, green, spiny house plant that will live almost anywhere but only really thrives in a sunny spot. Read more about this easy-to-care-for, typical cactus.

String of Hearts Plant

String of hearts plant is one of the more curious house plants. Read how its vines bear tubers, which can take root if put in soil and find out how to care for it.

Parlor Palm

Parlor palm, or good luck palm, is a slow-growing house plant with bright green, fan-shaped leaves. It is quite easy to care for under the right circumstances. Read more about its flowers and needs.

Spider Plant

Spider plant, also known as airplane and ribbon plant, grows rosettes of grasslike leaves with long flower stems. Read about the best ways to care for this easy house plant.

Century Plant

The century plant derives its name from the legend that it blooms only once in a century. Learn more about this long-lived house plant in this article.

Chinese Evergreen

The Chinese evergreen is a hardy, handsome house plant that's great for adding color to rooms in any house or apartment. Learn more about growing and caring for the Chinese evergreen in this article.

Cast-Iron Plant

The cast-iron plant, or parlor palm, is a hardy house plant. Named for its strong constitution, this plant is great for people without a green thumb. Learn how to grow it in this article.

Swiss Cheese Plant

Swiss cheese plant is a house plant that grows to almost three feet in width. It produces leaves filled with holes and slices. Learn more about how to produce flowers from your Swiss cheese plant.

Peacock Plant

Peacock plant, also known as the zebra plant, is a beautiful and very decorative house plant grown for its very characteristic foliage. Learn how to grow the peacock plant in this article.

Vase Plant

The vase plant is a great house plant if you have a lot of bright light. It's normally sold while blooming a single pink flower. Learn how to grow the vase plant in this article.