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Keep your home clean and clutter-free with these household hints and tips.

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Fireplace-Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your fireplace regularly will ensure that it remains safe and efficient. Learn how to eliminate excess soot, ashes, and dangerous creosote tars.

Floor-cleaning Tips

Dirt gets tracked into your house all day long. And unless your home has only one kind of hard-surface floor throughout, you have to use several different cleaning methods. These tips will simplify this chore.

Carpet-Cleaning Tips

Few things in your home take more abuse than the carpeting. While regular vacuuming certainly helps prolong the life of your carpeting, there are additional measures you should take. Check out our tips.

How to Clean Your Bedding

It's hard to get a good night's sleep if your bedding is dirty. Therefore, maintaining clean pillows, bedspreads, blankets, and other bedding materials should be a major priority. Find out how it's done.

How to Clean Your Bathroom

Dirty bathrooms are gross. Really gross. Your bathroom should be cleaned at least once a week to keep it sanitary, as well as sparkling. Learn how to eliminate the dirt and scum from your bathroom.

How does the Downy fabric-softener ball work?

The Downy fabric-softener ball has to be one of the simplest inventions ever. Learn how this fabric-softener ball uses Newton's first law of motion with the help of this article.

Why is cotton more absorbent than nylon?

Towels are always made of cotton, and they work really well at absorbing water. On the other hand, water-repellant jackets are made of nylon, and they work pretty well at keeping you dry. Why is cotton more absorbent than nylon?

Why do some clothing items have a tag saying to wash the item before wearing?

You are so excited to wear your new blue jeans, but the tag tells you to wash them first. What's up with this? Check out this article to learn why you might want to wash those jeans first after all.

Why do most zippers say "YKK" on the pull-tab?

Zippers are on pretty anything - sofas, gym bags, sweatshirts and more. But, have you ever noticed that "YKK" is on the pull-tab of almost every zipper? Check out this article to find out where this mysterious "YKK" comes from.

What is in moth balls? Is it harmful to people?

Clothes moths can be a real problem in clothes made from natural fibers (especially wool). To combat this, use moth balls. But first, read this article to find out what moth balls are made of and whether they are harmful to your health.

Does it do any good to air out rugs and mattresses outside?

There is at least one big advantage that the air outside the house has over the air inside the house. Check out this article to learn what that is.