How can you organize your home office?

To keep your home office neat, start by organizing your bills in binders divided into "to-do" and "paid" sections. Transfer the "paid" items to a filing cabinet every couple of months. Keep envelopes, stamps, your checkbook and a pen in a zippered bag inside the binder. Keep small labeled boxes full of batteries, tape, thumbtacks, etc., stacked in an easily accessible place

To separate the cords of your various pieces of electronic equipment, run each one through a hole in a basket under your desk. Wind up the excess cord and label each one.


Divide your mail into a row of baskets on your desk. You can have one for bills, one for correspondence, one for outgoing mail and one for junk mail. It's not safe to throw out any documents with your personal information on it. Buy a paper shredder and keep a "to shred" basket on top of it.

Cut down on clutter by paying your bills on the Internet. Receive your faxes in e-mail form, and invest in online file storage or an external computer hard drive to back up all your documents.

Paint your wall with magnetic chalkboard paint. Draw up a calendar right on the wall, write your to-do lists and important phone numbers, and hang up notes and documents with magnets so they won't get lost. Buy an electronic valet to organize and charge all of your gadgets (cell phones, digital cameras, iPods, Blackberries, etc).

Use a pegboard, like the ones handymen have in their workshops, to organize tape, scissors, rulers, clipboards and anything else that has a hole in it and that can be hung up. Drill holes in a small board, hook it onto the pegboard, and then put a box onto it to hold other office supplies. Use storage boxes to organize your magazines; label the boxes and then use them as bookends.