How to Build a Vertical Garden

No matter how small a property you live on, you can develop your green thumb by building a vertical garden. With the demand for gardens in densely populated cities, garden centers and manufacturers have created kits that enable you to grow upward, if you can't grow outward. Read the tips listed below and learn about how you can build a vertical garden.

  1. Measure your space Decide where you are going to plant your vertical garden. If you have a bare wall, you have the perfect area to build upward. Using a measuring tape, write down the height and width of the space before you visit a garden center. Keep in mind that your plants will take up some space, so if your walkway is quite narrow, it's recommended that you find somewhere else on your property to garden.
  2. Visit the garden center The sales associate at your local garden center will be a key figure in building your vertical garden. Discuss your space, sun exposure, climate and visions to ensure that you create the environment that you imagine for your home. Consult with the sales associate about different options in terms of vertical gardens. You can choose grass panels with embedded seeds that will grow ferns upwards, or you can build a wrought iron trellis with gardening pot interspersed along the wall [source: Meinhold].
  3. Construct the modular system Depending on the vertical garden that you choose, you will have different methods of construction. For living-wall kits, it's simply a matter of attaching the dirt panels to one another and securing them to your surface. For trellis type constructions, you may need to hire a gardener to install the structure or any irrigation systems that you might want [source: Shevory].