How to Care For a Gerbera Daisy Plant

The gerbera daisy is a beautiful flower that adds large splashes of white, pink, gold, orange or red to your garden or home. Though they're not particularly difficult to care for, their seeds are delicate and sensitive, and require special care [source: Smith]. Read the tips listed below to learn how to grow and care for gerbera daisies and watch this colorful plant thrive.

  • Plant the gerbera daisy in early spring, after the last frost. Plant the seeds immediately upon opening the package or they will dry out. Gerbera daisy seeds are very delicate and if they're not able to retain their moisture, they won't germinate [source: Smith]. Plant the seeds or flowers in a spot that will allow them a full day of sunlight.
  • Plant the daisy in nutrient-rich soil with 1 to 2 inches (3 to 5 centimeters) of organic compost mixed in. This increases germination and moisture. [source: Sidhe]
  • Don't worry about humidity. However when keeping a plant indoors during the winter, you may want to spray the leaves and buds with water once or twice a week. Open flowers don't need to be sprayed [source: Bachmans].
  • Remove dead flowers from the flowerbed or pot, so they don't continue soaking up nutrients. Otherwise, the dead flowers will deprive the other plants, causing their health to decline [source: Sidhe].

These are some things to watch out for when caring for the gerbera daisy:


  • If your plant turns grey it may indicate a mold infestation. Cut off any infected flowers and leaves, and increase the air circulation around the plant. If the plant remains grey, use a fungicide [source: Smith].
  • If your plant only has a few flowers at a time, adding African violet fertilizer will promote additional flowers [source: Smith].