How to Care for a Peace Lily

By: Contributors

It's no wonder why peace lilies are such popular household plants and gifts. They add color with their many leaves and pretty, delicate blooms. Even the most inept gardener can watch a peace lily thrive for years. Read the tips listed below and watch your plant's foliage grow lush and green.

  • Set the plant in a room that receives minimal light and is a consistent room temperature. Because of its preferred conditions, peace lilies make excellent office plants that can thrive in artificial light [source: Amistaadt].
  • Water the plant approximately once a week with room temperature water [source: Smith]. The soil should always be moist, but not soggy. If the soil is soggy, water the plant less frequently or move it to a pot with more drainage in the bottom.
  • Wipe the upper and lower sides of the plant's leaves with a damp cloth. Doing this every few weeks or when you see it is necessary will prevent infestations and allow the plant to breath.
  • Repot your plant every two years, or if your plant has stopped blooming. However, if your plant is thriving, keep it as it is.
  • Move your plant to a location with less light if it's not blooming [source: Smith].
  • Move the plant to a cooler location if the leaves get wilted or wrinkled [source: Amistaadt].

When you take proper care of your peace lily, your plant will care for you. The peace lily is one of the most effective plants at removing harmful toxins from the air, including carbon monoxide and benzene [source: FSN].