How to Choose the Right Tractor Attachments

Tractor Attachments for Loading and Digging

A front bucket loader can do more than carry dirt. It can act as a replacement for a wheelbarrow or tow-behind cart, carrying tools, gloves, seed, fertilizer, mulch, plants, hay, the dog -- well, maybe not the dog. But just about anything involved in lawn care can go in a loader. Single-action loaders are lifted by hydraulics and lowered by gravity, while double-action loaders use hydraulic power to lift and lower. Some loaders can even be self-leveling, which keeps them from tipping and losing their contents between point A and point B.

A tractor shovel works similar to a loader in home and garden chores, but without as much lifting capability. It can dig into loose material like mulch or snow, pick it up and dump it out. For merely pushing material about in one area, rather than removing it and hauling it to another spot, a front blade attachment can do the job.

No lawn and garden to-do list is complete without spreading a little fertilizer. Find out how attachments can help you with that task on the next page.