How to Choose the Right Tractor Attachments

Tractor Attachments for Spreading Manure

It's important when spreading manure to keep the mess to a minimum and the application even in order to avoid burning the soil and plants. An attachment for a tractor helps with both issues.

Some manure spreader attachments shred the manure as it is being applied to keep it from clumping, which means it will cover the ground more evenly. The fewer clumps there are sitting on top of the ground, the more quickly the manure will decompose and improve the soil. That also means less time for it to smell.

While larger farm and ranch tractors use powered manure spreaders, home and garden tractors generally use a tow-behind spreader with turning blades to shred the manure as you drive forward.

Once the soil is prepped with manure, it's ready to be tilled. Next, find out which attachments can make that job easier.