How to Choose the Right Tractor Attachments

Tractor Attachments for Tilling
A worker tills the soil on a farm near Hanford, Calif.
A worker tills the soil on a farm near Hanford, Calif.
AP Photos/Gary Kazanjian

When the ground needs to be broken up for spring planting, there are several options for home and garden tractor attachments. Tillers, which are used for breaking up soil, can be either mechanically or hydraulically operated, and they'll have their own motors on board for powering the turning tines. They're most often towed behind the tractor rather than positioned in front.

Another option is the plow, or disc harrow. These attachments will, like the tiller, prep a seed bed and crumble the soil, but this time by turning rows of discs into the dirt. A cultivator has several curved tines that pull behind the tractor, and it's used for ground preparation, weed control and creating several evenly spaced rows for planting.

And when you're ready to plant, there's another helpful attachment that you should be aware of -- a seed spreader.

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