How to Choose the Right Tractor Attachments

Tractor Attachments for Seeding

Seed spreaders, sometimes referred to as fertilizer spreaders, are designed do just what the name implies -- spread seed or granular fertilizer, as the situation dictates.

In the case of a typical lawn and garden tractor, the spreader is a tow-behind attachment that's operated by gravity and the forward motion of the attachment's wheels; a lot like the action of a push seed spreader that you may already be familiar with. The seed hopper is shaped like a big funnel that slowly empties its contents onto a spinning disk that evenly distributes the material as the tractor moves along.

Larger tractors on farms and ranches often require even bigger spreaders, and they make use of spreaders powered by a PTO. Sometimes these larger spreaders are called commercial broadcast seeders and spreaders, because they're capable of spreading (broadcasting) the material over much larger areas when compared to the lawn and garden variety of seed spreader.

Large or small, a spreader attachment for your tractor can take some of the edge off the chore of seeding or fertilizing your lawn or pasture. And as you can see from the previous pages, lawn care tasks ranging from basic mowing to heavy-duty landscaping can be made a lot easier with a little help from a few extremely useful attachments to a typical residential tractor.

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