How to Choose the Right Utility Tractor

Ease of Using Utility Tractor Attachments

A lawn tractor with accessories attached.
A lawn tractor with accessories attached.
AP Photo/Carl D. Walsh

The biggest benefit of a utility tractor over a light-duty lawn and garden tractor is that a utility tractor can do a lot more than mow your lawn. That's because utility tractors can run a variety of attachments that help you get work done around your home and garden and go way beyond lawn care.

Utility tractors can handle an array of attachments because they come with three-point hitches and a power take-off (PTO). A three-point hitch attaches to an implement and holds it in place. It can also raise the implement and lower it, too. A PTO is a shaft that runs from the tractor to the implement and takes the tractors engine power and transfers it to the attachment. It's what makes it so your tractor can run an auger, mow and bale hay and blow snow.

Generally, using these attachments is fairly plug-and-play. However you should always keep in mind that you're dealing with heavy equipment. Training is essential. Most equipment dealers have clinics showing owners how to use all of the attachments, and if you're out in the country, odds are your neighbors have similar equipment and they can show you how difficult or simple it is to use. Plus, tractor and trade shows are great places to educate yourself. Your local agriculture extension office may also have training programs on using tractor attachments.