How to Design a Patio Area

The interior design of a home often overshadows the design of its gardens, decks and patios. However, before your guests even arrive at your door, they're greeted by your home's exterior. Creating a comfortable and inviting outdoor patio area will make guests feel welcome on those summer nights. Read the tips listed below and learn about how to design a patio area.

  • Assessing your patio needs Before you spend a single dollar or take out a pad of paper, it's important to assess how you want your patio to perform. If you enjoy hosting friends, you're going to need a patio that has ample room for garden furniture. If you enjoy gardening, you'll want to make sure that your patio doesn't take up too much lawn space. The more specific you are at this stage of the design, the more your patio will be tailored to your lifestyle [source: BHG].
  • Selecting pavers To lay the ground on your patio, you will have to decide what type of look and atmosphere you're going for. There are many paving choices available at your local hardware and gardening center. Choose the style and color of brick or stone you would like to use. You will also have to choose the shape and size of the bricks or stones [source: Lowes]. It's best to consult with a landscape architect or designer before starting your construction. He will be able to inform you of any zoning regulations or codes that you may need to know about before beginning your project. Also, he can provide you with cost effective solutions and creative designs that you may not have considered [source: BHG].